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2021 Annual Report

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce is a proven partner that connects, supports, and advocates for the Kamloops Business Community.  

The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce is indispensable to the success of the Kamloops Business Community. 

Inclusive | Leadership | Collaborative | Member Focused 


President’s Message

2021 marked the 125th Anniversary of the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce. We had such great plans for 2021 and what a year it was. In many ways, 2021 proved even more turbulent and challenging than 2020 for our regional businesses and our community. Not only did Covid continue to crash over us wave upon wave, but Mother Nature visited upon us serious and devastating fires and floods which impacted us all. Throughout, I was so very proud of the work of our Chamber team. We took on every challenge with energy, determination, creativity and compassion – always striving to support our members and our community, providing the information, guidance, advocacy and support that was needed to help overcome each and every hurdle we faced.

Through the Kamloops Chamber’s proven and structured policy process, the Board brought forward 3 proposed policy resolutions that were successfully passed at the BC Chamber and Canadian Chamber policy conventions. The Board approved 6 letters of support for members and provided advocacy on behalf of our members in the fitness industry, those impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, and businesses impacted by social challenges. In addition to this advocacy work, our Board and Executive Director met with government officials at every level. In 2021 we engaged in meetings with, our local MLA’s Todd Stone and Peter Milobar, Provincial Minister’s of Finance, Agriculture, and Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation and the Federal Housing Minister along with Canada’s Commissioner for Employers

Our Chamber, as always, stood as the “Voice of Business” engaging in dozens of radio, TV, and print media interviews over the course of the year to ensure that our member’s feedback and concerns were being broadcast to a wider audience. And even though the pandemic again forced us to veer from some of our traditional programming, we were still able to pull off some in person social events and we held our very successful 35th Business Excellence Awards with long awaited face to face connectivity.

With the Omicron wave subsiding, I am optimistic that 2022 will allow us to continue our march back to full in person programming and events and showcase the power and enjoyment of full Chamber membership. I am also confident that our region and our business community will continue to thrive as we speed toward more prosperous times ahead, and our Chamber will play a key role in getting us there.

As your President, I regret not being able to meet more of you in person over the past year as opportunities were so limited. Even so, it has been a great honour to serve as President with this Board of Directors and to work so closely with Acacia and her dynamic team. As many of you already know from personal experience, our Chamber is so very fortunate to have such a talented and passionate team supporting our members.

I look forward to continuing my involvement with the Chamber next year as Past President and as an active member for years to come.

Dan Carroll

Board President

2021 – 2022

About Us:

Kamloops is home to a thriving business collective fuelled by our Members. As the voice of the business community at home and abroad, we advocate for the economic development of our region, while being a champion for our ever-evolving community where the North and South Thompson Rivers meet. 

Members of the Kamloops Chamber are mechanics, baristas, bankers, and friends. The Chamber is committed to building bridges and to strengthen our growing community. Our team is always on the hunt to seek out intentional partnerships and innovative ideas that will lead us into the future. 

Building your business is our business. We are your business connection. 

21 Events

627 Members

64 New members 

9 Active Policies

5 Committees

2 Task Forces

11,262 Social Media Followers

15 Grand Openings

5 Corporate Partners


Highlights of 2021

We welcomed three new team members: 👋

Karan Parmar, Communications Specialist

Kathryn Giroday, Administrative Assistant

Brian Jones, Development and Membership Manager

We erected




(Read the story here)


28 Events


693 attendees 

Hosted roundtables with Government officials, including: 


business walks

in downtown Kamloops, the North Shore, Valleyview and Sahali 

(See the results here!)


64 New Members

re-certification and upheld status as an

Accredited Chamber of Commerce

Worked to provide

meaningful member connection,

like facilitating introductions for programs like – Master’s students help local businesses understand carbon footprint (connections made) 

2021 Board of Directors

Highly-trained, sophisticated group of dedicated business leaders. Following the policy governance model, they ensure the organization has solid strategic goals that are achieved in an efficient and effective manner.  


Daniel Carroll

Fulton & Co. LLP

Kate Stebbings

1st Vice President
Trans Mountain Canada Inc.
Regional Lead, Stakeholder Engagement & Communications

Tim Shoults

2nd Vice President
Kamloops This Week
Operations Manager

Alicia Glaicar

Gillespie & Company LLP

Abhinav Ashok

Senior Client Manager


Colin O’leary

O’Leary and Associates Ltd.

Cindy Piva

Thrive Business Strategies
Business Executive Coach, Consultant, Trainer

Nicholas Adams

Riverdale Trailer Court LTD.

Sara Lawson

Schoening Funeral Service
General Manager

Mickael Maddison

SilverServers Inc.
Vice President, Operations

Phillip Stagg-Tanner

Acres Enterprises Ltd
Vice President, Operations

Rick Welch

NRB Modular Solutions
Strategic Sales Director, Social & Affordable Housing Programs

Tyson Andrykew

Past President
Edward Jones
Financial Advisor

Aleece Laird

Past Chair – BC Chamber of Commerce
Amplify Consulting Inc.
President & CEO


Acacia Pangilinan

Executive Director

Brian Jones

Manager, Development and Membership

Nic Zdunich

Manager, External Relations & Strategic Communications

Kathryn Giroday

Administrative Assistant

Deanna Groess

Executive Assistant

Karan Parmar

Communications Specialist

Corporate Partners

Community Partnerships

Business Advocacy Committee 2021 Annual Report:   

Mandate: To represent the interests of our membership to government through the development of official positions and/or policies   

Co-Chairs: Alicia Glaicar, Colin O’Leary   

Participants: Ab Ashok, Brant Hasanen (Past President), Cindy Piva, Daniel Carroll, Kate Stebbings, Mickael Maddison, Mike Henry, Nicholas Adams, Phillip Stagg-Tanner, Rick Welch, Sara Lawson, Tim Shoults, Tyson Andrykew (Past President), Acacia Pangilinan, Chamber Liaison Mayor Ken Christian  

Goals for 2022: 

  • Identify notification process for working group opportunities 
  • Develop an orientation session for working groups 
  • Develop training process for the committee 
  • Begin building a municipal policy manual 
  • Deliver a minimum of two policies per quarter to the board for consideration 
  • Strengthen relationships with all levels of government to enhance the perception of the chamber as a valuable resource 
  • Become more proactive and vocal on local prominent issues 

Through the Kamloops Chamber’s proven and structured policy process, the Board brought forward 3 proposed policy resolutions that were successfully passed at the BC Chamber and Canadian Chamber policy conventions.  

Policy Resolutions  LEAD STATUS 
Unlocking the Potential of Nurses to Increase Access to Primary Healthcare Director and Business Advocacy Committee Co-Chair Colin O’Leary Successfully passed at the BC Chamber level 
Made in Canada – Inclusive Tax Policy Process (ITPP) Past President Brant Hasanen Successfully passed at the Canadian Chamber level 
Establishment of the First Nations Infrastructure Institute Past President Brant Hasanen On the books at Canadian Chamber 

In addition to creating policy resolutions to bring forward through the Chamber network, the Kamloops Chamber advocates to and engages with each level of government on behalf of it’s membership. For each topic of concern, the approaches vary by what is most effective and/or requested by the membership.  

Municipal Government Engagement and Advocacy:  

Provincial Government Engagement and Advocacy: 

  • Crafted letter to Minister Kahlon regarding BC’s Restart Plan  
  • Letter to Premier John Horgan and Mental Health and Addictions Minister to discuss our community challenges   
  • Provided a positive statement on the introduction of the vaccination passport to keep our economy open   
  • Participated in Provincial Budget Consultation and brought forward Unlocking the Potential of Nurses to Increase Access to Primary Healthcare policy recommendations  
  • Brought forward Thompson Okanagan perspective in BC Chamber of Commerce Policy Consultation with Province of BC 

Federal Government Engagement and Advocacy:  

Task Force(s)  

  • Arts Community Task Force  
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force  
  • City of Kamloops recommendation(s)  
  • See YKA Strong Report here 


Roundtables hosted: 

  • January – MLA  
  • February – Hospitality 
  • March – Arts & Culture 
  • Roundtable with Minister Qualtrough  
  • Kamloops MLA’s discuss Budget 2021  
  • Roundtable with Minister Popham 
  • In person roundtable with Minister Robinson  
  • Corporate partner roundtable 
  • Member roundtable  

Roundtables participated in:  

  • WestJet Restart Roundtable  
  • Meeting with Minister Kahlon and Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation Industry 
  • Federal Commissioner of Employers – Nancy Healy – regarding the EI opportunities and challenges  
  • Labour Supply Discussion – Assistant Deputy Minister Rathbone, Jobs, Economic Recovery and Innovation 
  • Discussion with Mental Health and Addictions Assistant Deputy Minister 
  • Sick Pay Legislation Question and Answer period with Provincial Government 


  • Pulse Check Survey in Q2 
  • Culture Shift Survey 2.0: What do you want out of your local Chamber? 
  • Proof Of Vaccine Mandate Survey 
  • BC Vaccine Passport: How Has It Affected Your Business? 
  • Federal Government Targeted Supports Survey: How will your business be affected? 
  • Business Walks  (See report here)  
  • Letters of Support for Members  
The motion that “the Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors provide a letter of support to A Way Home Kamloops for the housing project, “Katherine’s Place.”  Carried. 
The motion,  “The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce provide a letter of support for the BC Urban Mayors’ Caucus 2020 Blueprint for British Columbia’s Urban Future” has CARRIED.  
The motion “The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce provides a letter of support to the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association for their grant application to the Canada Healthy Communities Initiative for the Back Alley Activation project”.  Has CARRIED
Riverside Park Tourism Community Pilot Project. Has CARRIED.  
To provide a letter of support to CN for the acquisition of Kansas City Southern (KCS)”. Has CARRIED.  
The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce provide a letter of support to Tourism Kamloops for their Community Arts Grant Application. Has CARRIED

Awards Committee 2021 Annual Report:  

Mandate:          To annually review and enhance the Chamber’s awards programs.  

Chair:                 Cindy Piva  

Participants:      Ab Ashok, Colin O’Leary, Mickael Maddison, Tim Shoults, Phillip Stagg-Tanner, Rick Welch, Acacia Pangilinan  

Comments: The Awards Committee is tasked with reviewing and elevating the awards process for our Business Excellence gala and other events where we honour businesses, projects, and people with awards of excellence. The focus this year was to improve upon the hybrid event model at multiple locations.

Completed Goals:  

  • Review the vetting process for the Selection Committee and make changes  
  • Review the process for under-nominated awards  
  • Review the process for over-nominated awards  
  • Suggested & executed program modifications  
  • Review the Business of the Year voting and formalize process 
  • Develop a process for Business of the Year and how to create checks and balances  
  • Continue to monitor the feasibility of the Awards Gala  
  • Re-developed Criteria with stakeholders  
  • Streamlined Nomination & Nominee Process  
  • Executed RFP process to secure vendors to help bring vision to life in elevated hybrid model  
  • Introduced new winners video campaign to benefit this years’ winners & businesses  

Board Development Committee 2021 Annual Report   

Mandate:          To ensure the organizational effectiveness of the Board of Directors   

Chair:                 Tim Shoults    

Vice-Chair:        Tyson Andrykew   

Participants:     Dan Carroll, Tyson Andrykew, Kate Stebbings Acacia Pangilinan   

Completed Goals:   

  • Arranged training for Board of Directors (liability insurance, governance, reading financial statements   
  • Assigned Mentor Directors to ensure fulfillment and understanding of the Chamber organization    
  • Reviewed and updated the Board evaluation questions and created form for Board to identify competencies and self assessment of skills to identify gaps and diversify expression of interest questions.   
  • Completed the nominations process for proposed members for election to the Board.   
  • Arranged Board tours via Kamloops Business Walks in all areas of the City   

The following are nominated by the Board:    

  • George Casimir, Community Futures Central Interior First Nations 
  • Michael Martens, Rocky Mountaineer 

The following Directors are presented for Re-Election:   

  • Nicholas Adams, Riverdale Trailer Park    
  • Ab Ashok, Independent    
  • Alicia Glaicar, Gillespie & Company LLP   
  • Sara Lawson, Schoening Funeral Services  
  • Kate Stebbings, Trans Mountain Corporation   

Organizational Sustainability Committee 2021 Annual Report  

Mandate: Provide proposals to the Board for addressing threats to the Chamber’s longer term sustainability in membership, financial and other aspects, including threats from changing demographics, business climate and competing interests.  

Chair: Cindy Piva  

Participants:  Mickael Maddison, Alicia Glaicar, Brant Hasanen, Acacia Pangilinan  

Completed Goals:  

  • Explore future trends for sustainability and revenue streams   
  • Ways to remain or improve relevance   
  • Explore how we create a community of belonging and gathering   
  • Redevelop committee participants.     
  • Provide recommendation and insight to the Kamloops Chamber’s strategic plan renewal process  

Governance Committee 2021 Annual Report  

Mandate: To annually monitor the Board’s duties in compliance with the Modified Policy Governance Model  

Chair: Kate Stebbings  

 Vice-Chair: Tim Shoults  

 Participants: Ab Ashok, Daniel Carroll, Tyson Andrykew, Acacia Pangilinan 

Completed Goals:  

  •  Provided ongoing review and recommended updates to bylaws and policies  
  • Monitored impacts of the pandemic on the organization   
  • Oversaw strategic planning process  

Business Excellence Awards

The 35th Annual Business Excellence Awards launched on April 8th, 2021.

We recognized our finalists at an in-person reception at Match Eatery + Public House. 

The awards program culminated with the 2nd year of a hybrid, decentralized gala with restaurant hosts, The Noble Pig, Barside Lounge, Cordo Resto + Bar, and Romeo’s Kitchen + Spirits. 

City of Kamloops Community Service Award: 

  • A Groess Underground 
  • C&C Resources for Life 
  • Lyons Landscaping

Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Employer of the Year Award: 

  • Cutting Edge Consulting 
  • Forward Law 
  • JUL Construction Ltd. 

Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Environmental Leadership Award: 

  • Arrow Transportation 
  • Fiddleheads Violin Studio 
  • Lyons Landscaping 

Open Door Group Inclusive Workplace of the Year Award: 

  • Far + Wide 
  • Kamloops Indian Band Corporation 
  • New Gold Inc – New Afton Mine 

Venture Kamloops Small Business of the Year Award: 

  • Fiddleheads Violin Studio 
  • Nu Leaf Produce Market 
  • Thompson Cleaners and Tailors 

Kubera Retailer of the Year Award: 

  • Far + Wide 
  • Nu Leaf Produce Market 
  • Real Deals on Home Décor Kamloops 

CN Service Provider 1-10 Staff Award: 

  • CentreCore HVAC Services Ltd. 
  • Nuance Dance Studio 
  • Ocean Pacific Adventure Sports 

Kamloops This Week Service Provider 11+ Staff Award: 

  • Kamloops Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre 
  • Middleton Energy Services 
  • NextGen Electrical Services 

BCLC Innovation Award: 

  • Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. 
  • Monte Creek Winery 
  • New Gold Inc – New Afton Mine 

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Excellence in Trades Award: 

  • Five Oak Contracting Ltd. 
  • JUL Construction Ltd. 
  • Middleton Energy Services 

Community Futures Thompson Country Emerging Business of the Year Award: 

  • Bright Eye Brewing 
  • Friendly Composting 
  • Pepper – Your Badass Business BFF Inc. 

TRU School of Business & Economics Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award: 

  • Calli-Jo Duncan, Far + Wide 
  • Cassidy Watt, Cassidy Watt Artistry Collective 
  • Jon Hudon, Ocean Pacific Adventure Sports 

Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Not For Profit of the Year Award: 

  • ASK Wellness Society 
  • Kamloops and District Elizabeth Fry Society 
  • Mount Paul Community Food Centre 
  • The Mustard Seed Kamloops 

Kamloops Chamber of Commerce Development of the Year Award: 

  • Arpa Investments Ltd. 
  • Kelson Group 
  • Nationwide Self Storage 

Abbott Wealth Management Business Person of the Year Award: 

  • Dawn MacKenzie, Seasons Health Therapies 
  • Greg Klohn, GK Sound 
  • Maeghan Summers, The Noble Pig 
  • Margot Middleton, Middleton Energy Services

FIT Financial Business of the Year: 

  • Thompson Cleaners and Tailors 

Chamber 125

To celebrate our 125th anniversary, we took the opportunity to showcase our members and the work we do. 

  • Launched the Kamloops Tomorrow profiles of innovators in the region 
  • Kamloops Chamber 125 Publication in partnership with Kamloops This Week  
  • Activated the parking space directly outside the Chamber office by creating Kamloops’ First Parklet 

To provide real value for our members the Kamloops Chamber, we: 

  • Served as a program partner in Kamloops Innovation’s DER3 program to help businesses navigate digital offerings  
  • Showed businesses reach new markets by promoting the Export Navigator program via the World Trade Centre in Vancouver  
  • Provided an opportunity local leaders develop their soft skills with the Building Resilience to Thrive educational program in partnership with the BC Chamber network  
  • Helped our members understand how to acquire student Talent via post-secondary institutions in BC via the Talent Forward promotional program  
  • Launched Research project, in partnership with Thompson Rivers University on the impact of COVID on our restaurants 


In 2021, we hosted a total of 28 events with 693 total attendees!

  • 7 Roundtables
    88 Total attendees 
  • Let’s Talk About Economic Recovery in Kamloops with our local MLA’s
    17 attendees 
  • 6 Virtual #Kambiz Socials
    57 Total attendees 
  • Business Data Catalogue Event
    42 Attendees 
  • Chamber Summit: AGM & Policy Session
    48 Attendees 
  • Building Resilience to Thrive
    3 Cohorts with a total of 59 attendees 
  • 2 Board Governance Workshops
    18 Total attendees 
  • 26th – Chamber Benefit Plan webinar
    5 attendees 
  • 2nd – Procurement Workshop with the City of Kamloops
    25 attendees 
  • How to be a thought leader on Social Media
    22 attendees 
  • Intro to E-Commerce With Shopify
    7 attendees 
  • 3 Business Excellence Awards Events
    305 Total attendees 

Grand Openings and Re-Openings:


Grand Openings and Re-Openings


People Reached



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